Hot Yoga for Pregnant Or Recently Pregnant Women

Most pregnant women are advised to exercise not abandoned to save themselves healthy but moreover to dispel the discomforts of pregnancy and at the same times, exaggeration their strength and stamina to breeze through the birthing experience more easily. However, it’s not a pure idea to receive as regards speaking a strenuous workout regimen especially if you’as regards not used to it. Prenatal yoga is recommended for most women but hot yoga requires more careful considerations.

Unlike regular yoga, hot yoga is to be done inside a heated room of 100 degrees in temperature and 40 percent in humidity. You can expect that things can get uncomfortable while you’re inside this room, more so if you’re performing the balancing act of yoga poses.

If you’re pregnant, the heat inside the room can pose certain risks such as heat dissipation and dehydration, both of which are more likely to occur during the first trimester. In the later months of the pregnancy meanwhile, a woman can be at risk of biochemical issues.

Sweating is the body’s way of regulating temperature. This can be a problem for pregnant women. Apart from the rise in the body temperature, fluid loss is also a threat, as this can increase the heart rate and decrease volume of blood. Both of these can possibly cause fetal stress.

So what can be done? Avoiding hot yoga may probably be the first thing on your mind. But you’ll find relief knowing that there are things you can do so you can still practice this type of yoga while you’re pregnant.

First, keep in mind that anyone needs to acclimatize in the heat slowly before exercising. Exposing yourself to short periods and low intensity heat will make your body get used to the heat. Also, it’s a must to postpone your hot yoga session until the third month of your pregnancy to lower the chance of dehydration and overheat. Don’t forget to increase your intake of cool fluid before, during and after workout.

It would be better to stand next to an open window while performing the poses so as not to cause rapid increase in body temperature. See to it that you consult your doctor first before taking yoga during pregnancy. Your doctor will give you a go signal if it’s safe for you to engage in this type of workout.

Don’t attempt yoga if you’re not used to it before you got pregnant. Now is not the time to take on a new fitness routine. If you’ve been doing this for a long time now, make sure that you practice the necessary precautions mentioned above.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy has numerous benefits. It can reduce back pain, swelling, constipation and bloating. It can help improve endurance and energy. It also enhances sleep and boosts the mood. Be sure to find a hot yoga center that specializes in hot yoga for pregnant women.